Urgency is Synonymous with wealth

When I joined my first MLM, it was 10PM on Sept. 2nd. My upline said, “If you really want to do this business and make real money, you need to recruit 3 other business builders on a $1,600 package by the end of the month.” I figured that wouldn’t be too hard. He said, “You think the end of the month is September, but in this business, it is still August until tomorrow morning at 10AM. I told him that wasn’t possible.  He told me that he recruited 24 people in his first 8 hours and that 3 should be a walk in the park. I didn’t want to let him down, I felt the pressure, I figured out who and I got it done. He taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in the industry. In this business, Urgency is synonymous with wealth!!

During a sales training I did with my employees in a previous life, I brought out an ordinary rock that I had found in my yard.  I asked one of my salespeople to sell it to the room.  They started out with it being a fine rock. It is sufficiently heavy that it could be a paper weight. It could be painted and turned into a “pet rock”. If a burglar came in to your house in the middle of the night, you could use this rock to throw.  The rep then asked for a dollar to buy the rock. There were no takers.

I then had another employee present another “rock” to the group. I had them present my wife’s wedding ring, or specifically the diamond.  This presentation went very different. There was talk of a carrot, of clarity of cut.  The conversation turned to the message that is sent with a diamond, the bigger the diamond, the more the love. A feeling of value was placed on the rock. Then the rep closed by saying this rock would usually sell for $6K but today only, they could have it for $4K.  There was interest.

What was the difference?

If you knew nothing about rocks, truly what is the difference?  One is a little prettier. The other has much more functionality in life.  What has happened during the course of our lives is that we have been told through clever advertising that the diamond has an intrinsic value.  Diamonds signify love. If we love someone, we give them something precious.  The message has been sent that the bigger the diamond, the better the gift. By the time we enter a store to choose a ring for a loved one, we already know through the advertising, by the way the diamonds are displayed, by the care that the diamonds are handled with that they are of Great Worth.  We then pay through the nose for a little shiny pebble.

So how does this relate to what we are doing in our business?  We have been given a gift. When someone cared enough about you to share this business with you, they gave you a gift. Now we have hold of this gift and the only way it can grow and be of great value is to share it with others.  What happens to someone when we share this gift with them?
IT CHANGES THEIR LIFE!! We are going to help people change their financial situation. We are going to help people change their time situation.  We are going to free people from the bondage of a JOB and the servitude to a BOSS.  We are going to help people to grow and become leaders.  This gift will help people to go out and be a FORCE FOR GOOD in the world.  What an incredible gift?!!

How do the people know that what we are talking to them about is important?  What are we doing to show our friends, family and loved ones that it is important?

Unfortunately, what most of us do is just the opposite.  We are taking something that is very big, very valuable and very important and turn it into a simple rock with our actions.

Are you making the business small by making it convenient?  Do you try to fit it in around their schedule sometime at the end of March? Do you tell them why you want to talk to them, or do you just tell them you have a cool business or even worse a cool product that you want to show them?  This makes the business small.

Are you trying to help people build a business and make money? Or are you trying to sell product?  Hopefully, you are on this call to build a business not to just sell product. If that is the case tell people what you are doing, why you are doing it and why they should be building this business with you. You make it important with your urgency and with your passion.

Stop making the business small!! Here is the problem.  You may get people to meetings and you may even sign people up, but this business really is about leadership.  The leaders that you want in your business will not be impressed with someone taking advantage of their time.

Start treating the business as something valuable and of great worth.  How do you do that? You make it urgent.

When you call someone up you make the business important with your urgency and your passion.  If you don’t make the business important, how are they supposed to think it is anything but “just another MLM thing” even worse, they think I will just avoid his calls for a month or two and then it will blow over.  Make this big.

Try this approach…call someone up, clear the time and say, “I just signed up with XYZ Company, it is network marketing, we are doing weight loss and this is going to be bigger than HCG You would be incredible at it.  What are you doing right now?  On on my way to your place I will be over in a half an hour.  You have to see this, it is huge.” (fill in the appropriate hot buttons for your company)

When someone says I am totally busy and can’t get together until next week, or next month.  I tell them that this is too big for next week or next month. We need to get together today or tomorrow. I need 20 minutes to show you what you and I are going to do to make bank. What time do you put the kids to bed? Great, I will be over at 9.

Are you making it convenient by making it easy. There is no commitment without sacrifice. I tell people that aren’t in the business that if they really want to evaluate this, they need to come to Utah and see it for themselves.  Why? Because someone that comes to Utah to see what this business is about is not only going to find an amazing company, they are going to take it seriously.

I have nothing on the calendar for next week or next month.  This is the end of the period next period does not exist.  We need to take that kind of urgency into our work today.  Next week doesn’t exist.  We need to get together now.
What happens if someone says, “I am on vacation.”  Great.  I will send you a web link and call you in 30 minutes.  I am going to not only help you take your vacation as a write off, but help you pay for your vacation while you are there.

People will feel how big of an opportunity this is by the urgency with which you treat the business and the passion in your voice.  The MLM business is much easier to do fast than it is to do slow.  If we do it NOW, people are excited.  If we wait until later, people forget why they signed up and why they are doing the business in the first place.

OK, so you made the meeting important by making it urgent.  You get in front of a person and your passion gets them on board.  You sign them up. Yeah a new LOI.  Now what?  Wait for them to go do the business?  How about schedule a planning session for next week?  Most people want to plan the plan do the plan of the business.  They are more interested in the plan and the story and the system than in the business.

YOUR job is to show them what to do.  Their first job is to go get a friend now.  Try this,“Who can we call together while I am here with you?”  “Who is the best person we can talk to right now?”  Now we are teaching them how to do the business by making it urgent.  I am convinced that new people are absolutely the best at this business because they have a passion and an urgency that they need to share this with everyone.  EVERYONE needs to do this business.  Do you want to ruin that best and most exciting part of the business?  Let someone sit on it.  They will lose the spark. They will lose the passion.  They will lose their why.  You will lose your new partner.

Your goal is to get them to find their friend within 48 hours.  Why? Because it makes the business urgent, important and shows the value of doing the business now.  You are also teaching THEM how to do the business with their people.  FAST!!! And everything you do duplicates. By helping people get off to a fast start, you are setting the philosophy of your business.  Now you may say, but I didn’t get off to a fast start??? That’s OK. Start today and create a new philosophy.

You may be thinking to yourself, I am not moving as fast.  What do I do to get that urgency or passion back?

The way we make this business go is by making it urgent.  The way we make it urgent is through our passion.  What kind of passion do people hear in your voice when you talk to them over the phone or in person?

Here is a test for you to measure your own passion.

Passion Scale (From the book Put Your Dream to the Test, by John Maxwell)

10. My passion for my company is so hot that it sets other people on fire.
9. I cannot imagine my life without this business.
8. I willingly sacrifice other important things for it.
7. I am fired up by it and often preoccupied with it
6. I enjoy it as one of many interests
5. I can take it or leave it
4. I prefer not to think about it
3. I go out of my way to avoid it
2. I’ve put it on my list of least favorite things
1. I would rather have a root canal with anesthesia.

If you score lower than an 8, your dream to create a residual income through your company might be in trouble. A willingness to sacrifice is merely the entry point for having enough passion to achieve a dream. Anything less, and it might not be enough to keep you going.  People that achieve their dreams stand out. You cannot be part of the crowd and achieve your dream at the same time.

Here are some ways to improve your passion:
Listen to conference calls and training calls EVERY Day
Read motivational books every day
Take Massive action—stop PLANNING to do the business, pick up the phone and do it.
Make the sacrifices to make your dream come true.
Make this business URGENT in your life and in the lives of others and the wealth will follow

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