Lance Conrad Bio

Lance is married to Tanya Conrad and has 3 beautiful daughters, Sierra, Kianna and Faith.

Lance has trained hundreds of thousands of distributors around the world and has built teams in 40+ countries. He has been featured in Network Marketing Times, recorded broadcasts for and been invited as a feature speaker for many companies within the MLM community. He has provided consulting services for small start-up companies to companies that do hundreds of millions per year in sales. His passion for the industry comes from the relationships and friendships that last a lifetime. He loves to see the underdog succeed.

In 2013, Lance joined Rob Sperry and Brandon Carter to create a new brand for MonaVie, mynt.
mynt was founded on the ideas of creating better products at better prices and delivering them in a culture of humanatarian service and fun. We created the brand, created the culture, created the duplication process and then Rob and Lance became the first distributors in mynt. We helped MonaVie grow in the US for the first time after a 5 year decline.

In 2008, Lance joined a multi-billion dollar per year network marketing company. He achieved the top rank of the company within 1 year of starting. In a company with more than a million distributors, he was ranked in the top 3 worldwide for recruiting and new business growth 3 years in a row.

Early in his career he was a technical recruiter receiving the trophy of Rookie of the Year out of 500 plus offices. After 2 years he left to start his own recruiting company, HireSolutions. He wrote 3 books on recruiting and trained 137 different offices on the recruiting techniques he created. He sold the HireSolutions franchise to a public company.